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RETERA STUDIO'S is 'normaly' open, besides all Corona measures. Talks can be done by email or Skype. Animations will be delivered digitally, as usual.
If one picture is worth a thousand words, 8 pictures is worth eight thousand words...
Peer Retera has been a stand-up cartoonist for more than 10 years at Capgemini in the ASE and the design Centres and creates Whiteboard Animations for almost 5 years.

The animations RETERA STUDIOS make are 100% hand drawn and not put together by editing tricks or using a app. Every animation is Taylor made. That's why we can give you prices when we know what you want.

Have a look around and be sure to click a few animations in the portfolio and convince yourself how a animation can work for you.


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RS has made a animation for the Rugby Football Union (RFU) after they interviewed almost 7000 children from England playing rugby. Clubs, teams, coaches and trainers will have benefits from it.
Francois Geurds, twee sterren chef
FG Restaurant/Foodlabs Rotterdam
Peer knew exactly what I wanted when he made our video, combined with Whiteboard Animation. The reach we achieved was overwhelming. The animation was suitable for a international audience. The next animation will be made by Retera Studios again!
Peter Booster. Corporate Advisor Occupational Safety
Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Your illustrations lead to better understanding of the content en therefor the readability. It's so simple that it's close to geniality!
Marissa Lowe, RFU
Education Development, RFU (Rugby Football Union)
We have worked with Peer and Retera Studios to create an animated video around what children like best about rugby. Peer worked quickly and had some fantastic ideas on how to bring our video to life! We were impressed with the high standard of his work and the efficiency at which he completed it. Despite the distance between London and the Netherlands, we were able to communicate with Peer at times that suited us well and never felt too far removed from the design process. We are delighted with the finished product and look forward to sharing the video with our audiences!